Freight brokerage

In 2016 we started a new business unit, providing Freight Brokerage services for both Mexican & US market. Many of our customers request us for door-to-door solutions. Our goal is to offer services with vetted vendors at competitive pricing.

Coordinating over 5,000 domestics shipments per year, we provide competitive pricing and integrated visibility of shipment status and event management.


GLM is an IMC (sales partner) of Ferromex since 2005, developing the Interpacific service, whic runs from Mexico City to Mexicali. It offers the following advantages:

  • Empty equipment availability
  • Competitive pricing
  • Eco friendly service
  • Tracking visibility
  • Low theft risk, cargo insurance available

The Interpacific service has over 2,000 53-ft containers. 5 weekly departures (both North and Southbound). It covers all Mexico’s Pacific corridor as well as most of California (with OTR final delivery). Border crossing is usually through Calexico, and often cross-docking at the border offers additional savings. Average transit time is 6 days between the border to/from Mexico City.

Through cross-docking at the border we can take advantage of legal weight limitations in Mexico and US.
Solo 3 loads in Mexico could turn into 4 loads in US.

Frequencies and transit times

  • Currently 5 departures per week
  • 4 days of average transit (ramp-ramp) - to Mexico City
  • Usually 2 days from los Angeles to Mexicali (customs).
  • 1-2 days to destination.
  • Total average of days 7.
  • GLM has been working together with Ferromex since 2005 developing the inter-Pacific and intermodal maritime route.

Dimensions and capacity of containers.

DIMENSIONS 53' +0 - 3/8" (16,154 +0 -10 mm) 53' +0 - 3/8" (16,154 +0 -10 mm) 9'6 1/2" +0 -3/16" (2,908.3 +0 -5 mm)

Capacity. 4,025 Cu.Ft. (114 Cu.M).

Load capacity 55,100 Lbs (26,000 Kgs).

Main Markets

Our principal markets are located in Mexicali, Hermosillo, Cd. Obregon, Guadalajara, Silao, Mexico City.



Consumer Products (TJ is the 4th largest city in Mexico).

Mexico Center

Consumer products.
Production centers (Mexico City, Guadalajara, Bajío Region).

Pacific Coast

Asia through Long Beach or Ensenada.
Distribution centers through the corridor.

Our Services


1,500 containers of 53 ferromex. more than 1,200 chassis (300 in Mexicali have dual plates). service in piggy back.


Optional insurance if the client wishes.


A truck emits 3.2 times more CO2 compared to rail.


5 departures per week in both directions. 4-5 days of transit in both directions.

Security in the service

The average monthly FXE expense in security is $ 5 MDD. Armed security personnel have been incorporated on board the train.


Through lobbying it was possible to classify robbery as a serious crime.

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